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36 Year Old With 3 Miscarriages On Prometrim Using OPK : Continue With Calendar Method or Go For An Infertiity Consult?


Hi, My name is R. I am 36 years old living in Atlanta GA. My husband is 41 we do not have any kids and would like to have a baby.

In the past I have had 3 miscarriages. prior to my miscarriages, I had a hystersalpinogram(sp) when I was in my early 20's unblocking both of my tubes. Recently I had been diagnosed with Pcos and placed on Metformin 750mg 2x a day, although I have always had a regular period lasting only 3 days but it comes like clockwork every 28 days. So now let me bring you up to date. Today 08/15/2010 I had detected my LH surge via clearblue ovulation kit. But last month my doctor recommended the Clearblue ovulation test and prescribed me Prometrium.

I do not understand why I was prescribed the medication and 2 I am confused as to when to take it, the bottle says to take 3 days after ovulation, when is that? I just detected the LH surge so when should I begin taking it? In the meantime, shouldn't me and my husband be having intercourse to try and conceive? The Prometrium is a 30 count, so should I take the medication starting day 3 until its all gone? I am so confused and excited, I have never used the ovulation predictor and so I am surprised that I see this happy face, what should I do next? Beside sit and worry!

Thanks for your answer, I am anxiously awaiting to hear back from you.


Dear R. from Georgia.,

I don't know why you have the diagnosis of PCO if you have very regular cycles, but there is a variant of PCO that you would fit into. You would not need to take Metformin, however. Did your doctor check an insulin level or how did he decide to put you on Metformin?

In terms of timing your ovulation, that is good but if you want to save yourself money, since you have such a regular cycle, the calendar method would work just as well. If using the OPK, when it turns positive, you begin intercourse (on that day#, once per day for four consecutive days #only one ejaculation per episode). With the calendar method, mark you calendar on the first day of your period then count each days in sequence. Stop having intercourse on cycle day #10 then on CD#13 begin having intercourse once per day for four consecutive days as explained above. In both cases, start the Prometrium on CD#16 and use it twice per day. Because this will suppress your menses, you will need to do a pregnancy test around CD#30.

You know, I need to emphasize that time is a critical factor in your case. I presume you have been trying for pregnancy for a while, so you & your husband really should see an infertility specialist. Your age, the miscarriages, previously blocked tubes and possible PCO diagnosis all indicate that it may be necessary. The specialist will lead you in the right direction, doing the tests that need to be done before starting an arbitrary treatment plan, and be the most efficient in helping you to get pregnant. Sometimes it may only take doing one Intra Uterine Insemination. With each year, your pregnancy rates are decreasing, even with the highest level of treatment, which is IVF, so don't waste time.

Good Luck,

Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG
Executive Medical Director
The Fertility and Gynecology Center
Monterey Bay IVF Program
Monterey, California, U.S.A.

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