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Egg Freezing Expands Options For Women Choosing To Delay Childbearing by Mindy Berkson

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Today I have a guest blogger, Mindy Berkson. She will be commenting on an option that holds great promise for the future. Although still considered experimental by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, egg freezing/egg banking may soon become a viable way for women to extend their fertility. Mindy is an infertility consultant, owner of Lotus Blossom Consulting. She works with individuals on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical, and financial infertility issues, then develops an individualized, comprehensive plan, including relevant financial and insurance information, to help clients make informed decisions for their overall treatment plan. Mindy can be reached at 877-881-2685 or on the web at .

Egg Freezing Expands Options For Women
Choosing To Delay Childbearing
by Mindy Berkson

There are countless numbers of products available to women to slow the visible effects of aging, but what about the parts of the body that are out of sight? Now with egg freezing technology it possible to stop a women’s biological clock allowing them to “freeze” their fertility for the future.

Age matters in many aspects of life as well as in the creation of life. Women are most fertile between the ages 20 to 28 with their fertility decreasing in half by the time they are 35. By age 45, only a 1% chance remains each month of conceiving naturally. This is a startling fact considering the average age a woman has her first child has risen to record high of 25.1 with 20% of women waiting until they are 35 to begin their family.

An increasing number of women choose to delay childbearing due to further schooling, career choice, or are waiting to find their perfect partner. While those choices are understandable and personal, as women naturally age so do their ovaries; affecting their fertility. Oocyte cryopreservation, commonly known as egg banking, provides women up to the age of 38 with a chance to slow down their biological clock and effectively storing their fertility for the future.

A women’s egg supply is finite therefore, freezing your eggs allows you to stop your biological clock until you are ready to conceive, increasing the odds of having a healthy successful pregnancy. Women are born with millions of eggs yet once they reach puberty only 300 of the 300,000 eggs left will have the chance to ovulate. The frozen eggs can be thawed at anytime to be fertilized with the sperm of choice and then refrozen as embryos for future in vitro fertilization treatment cycles.

Egg banking is also an option that is highly recommended for women who have been newly diagnosed with cancer but have not begun medical treatments that may negatively impact their fertility. While treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy are lifesaving, they can potentially leave women infertile. The ability to freeze viable eggs before undergoing cancer treatments instills hope for a family in the future.

Egg banking, the newest technology available in the infertility field, is a wonderful option for those women who plan to delay childbearing for personal reasons or for medically induced situations. Since women do not continually reproduce more eggs over a lifetime, the availability of egg banking technology allows women to protect a precious resource and helps to ensure their fertility until such time that they are ready to begin a family.

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