Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alchohol Effects on Sperm

Hello and thanks in advance for your services. I'm a 24yr otherwise healthy male, and my fiance is a 22yr old healthy female. My question is can alcohol affect fertility? I recently was a heavy drinker and party goer, drinking around 8 beers a day and on the weekends more, I know the health affects it has on my body otherwise that is why I dont do this anymore. Me and my fiance was looking to have a baby and about a week ago, when I was still partying hard, she doesn't drink but MAYBE once a week, and during this particular night she endulged in quite a few, we came home and had unprotected sex in hopes that maybe we could conceive, it was around the 13th-16th day of her cycle. My question is what are the chances we could concieve given my strong previous alcohol use before and that night, and her VERY mild alcohol use before but strong that night?????

Hello Michael from the U.S.,
Yes, alcohol can affect one's fertility, both male and female. Male sperm is produced on a 90-day cycle. That means that the sperm you are producing today won't come out for 90 days. So, whatever you did 90-days ago (alcohol or drugs) that may have affected the sperm production and quality, will be manifest in the sperm you give out today.

If you are trying to conceive, then both you and your fiance have to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to enhance your fertility and so that you have a healthy baby. That means no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, healthy diet and exercise.


Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG
Executive Medical Director
The Fertility and Gynecology Center
Monterey Bay IVF Program

Monterey, California, U.S.A.

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