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40 Year Old IVF Patient In Vietnam On Low Protocol Fails First Cycle: Has Many Questions, Concerns


Dear Dr. Ramirez,
My name is A. from Vietnam, 40 years old by end of March 2011. Just give you some information about me regarding Infertility/IVF. My menstruation cycles are different every month: 28 days in Feb, 26 days in March and 31 days in April. So, average: 26 days. Period in March was especially longer; maybe it was caused by hormone therapy in March. My FSH on March 6 ( of period) was 10.6mIU/mL and AMH on April 9 was 0.8ng/mL.

I started my first IVF cycle on March 6 2011 (2. day of period) and ended it with 2 embryos transferred on March 22. Unfortunately, it failed. On March 6, I got 1 Decapeptyl 0.1mg. However, I reacted allergic to this and the doctor stopped Decapetyl and gave me 2 days later on March 8: 1x Gonal F 300 i.u. each day and for 8 days until March 15. One day later on March 16, I got Pregnyl at 8.30pm. 2 day later on March 18 at 8.30am, I had my egg retrieval. 6 eggs were collected and 4 were fertilized. On Day 3 after retrieval at 8C stage I had 2xnormal embryos with grade 1, 1x embryo with grade 2 and 1 embryos with Monosomy 21. On day 4, 2 embryos were transferred. My husband semen test result shows 25% normal form (morphology) with total live count of 341 million sp/vol and has anti-sperm antibody. So, I used IVF, ICSI and PGD (for down’s syndrome) in March.

For the next IVF: One clinic suggested to give me on the of my menstruation 1x300 i.u. Gonal-F mornings and 1x 150IU Menopur nights for 4 days first. Based on the follicle count and size in the ovaries, they will decide on further dose. They are likely to follow a step-down protocol. They will not use any drugs like Decapeptyl this time.

Another clinic suggested to give me on the 2nd day of my menstruation 1x300 i.u. Gonal-F for 5 days and will see based on the ultrasound result.

Could you please kindly answer my following questions and tell me what would you do differently?

1. Do I need birth control pills? Why or why not? I think I need it, because my monthly cycles are different. So, with the birth control pills, the embryos will be implanted on time. What do you think?.

2. Which dosage and drugs would you use except for the 2 dosages of 2 clinics?. Which dosage of these 2 clinics does make more sense to you? Which one will give me more eggs with good quality? Last IVF, I just had 6 eggs, 4 fertilized and just 2 healthy embryos transferred at the end. As I know, I need 3 embryos for my age.. Do I need such kind of drugs like Decapeptyl? Why or why not?.

3. On which day would you start the IVF (2. or 3.Day of period)? Why?.

4. Will acupuncture and Chinese herbs support the success of IVF? Or will it be contra productive? If recommended: before or before and during the IVF? I am taking prenatal multi vitamin and 400mcg folic acid. Do the unfreezing eggs have the worse quality compared to fresh eggs?

5. Was the embryos’ transfer late (at the Murola stage) last time? Should it be transferred earlier this time at 8C stage? I will not use PGD this time. Did I have enough eggs (6 eggs last IVF) at my age? Do I need to increase them next time? Does one embryo have 9% success rate for women at 40?

Thank you very much for your time. Best wishes.


Hello A. from Vietnam,

It is interesting for me to see that IVF is being done in Vietnam, proving that this is a procedure that spans the world. Keep in mind that protocols used are highly variable between clinics and doctors. No one protocol is better than another so the recommendations I give are based on my knowledge, experience and preferences.

I always use the birth control pill preceding an IVF cycle. I believe the studies that show better response to stimulation by using the BCP. In addition, it causes the ovaries to essential shut down so that they will be more responsive to the stimulation and so that the follicles will start out somewhat evenly when the stimulation is started.

One thing I noticed about the protocols you have been on is the fact that they are low dose protocols. My highest protocol is a total of 600IU of FSH and I prefer a "mixed" protocol using pure FSH and an FSH/LH mixed compound. The preferred medications I use are Follistim (pure FSH) and Menopur (FSH/LH) in an approximately 2:1 ratio. So, my highest protocol, which is what I would use with you, is Follistim 450IU and Menopur 150IU taken every evening. My highest protocol is a continuous protocol, meaning you stay at the same dose all the way through, but it will really depend on your stimulation. Sometimes, if the patient stimulates more strongly than expected, I will drop the dose but most patients with an elevated FSH like yours (decreased ovarian reserve) will stay at the same dose. I do think that you were understimulated and the number of eggs retrieved and resultant embryos was low. In your age group I would prefer to have 4-6 embryos to transfer.

I cannot comment on the two clinic's protocols specifically, as I mentioned earlier. I can only give you my opinion regarding the protocol that I use.

In my center, I start the IVF cycle on an arbitrary day called "cycle day #2" irregardless of when your period actually starts on that cycle. This is because having used the birth control pill, I am in total control of the cycle and don't have to rely on the natural cycle timing.

I do recommend acupuncture as some studies have shown it to be beneficial with IVF.

I do think that the transfer should have been on D#5 post retrieval if PGS was done (blastocyst) but if PGS is not going to be done, then D#3 is better because I believe the uterus to be a better culture environment that the lab. Frozen embryos tend to have a decreased pregnancy rate, mainly because the best embryos are used to do the fresh transfer and the second best left to freeze. Also, the freeze/thaw have a little effect on the embryos but if done right, this should not be significant.

Finally, pregnancy rates are highly variable between doctors, clinics and countries. I cannot compare them exactly. In my center, your chances of pregnancy per cycle is 70% with 60% continuing. The U.S. does tend to have higher pregnancy rates than most other countries. At 41 years old, this decreases to 47% pregnancy and 29% continuing. Since we batch pregnancy rates into a 38-40 yo category, the rate I gave for 40 years old might be a little higher than it should be.

"Chúc may mắn"....Good luck on your next cycle!

Dr. Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOG
Executive Medical Director
The Fertility and Gynecology Center
Monterey Bay IVF Program
Monterey, California, U.S.A.

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