Friday, August 21, 2009

High FSH at a Young Age

I am a 26 year old healthy (extremely healthy) female that has a FSH of 15.7. My estro is 67, LH 6.8, Prolactin 12.8, and thyroid 1.72. My husband is also a very healthy 26 year old but has low sperm count (6 mil), low motility (14.5%), but healthy morphology 5%. Ultrasound revealed 12 follicles on right ovary and 6 on left. What are the odds that we will be able to concieve a child with IVF using my eggs?


Hello Amanda from Illinois,

I presume that your FSH level was checked on cycle day # 2 or 3, correct? If not, then it should be repeated on one of these days. This is when the baseline levels should be checked.If your FSH level is correct, then you have increased ovarian resistance, and could be headed to premature ovarian failure. For that reason, I would definitely recommend that you proceed to IVF as soon as possible. As long as your ovaries stimulate and eggs can be obtained (you only need one or two good quality embryos), you would have a 50-70% chance of pregnancy per IVF cycle. There are some IVF programs that will not allow a patient to try with her own ovaries if the FSH level is above 12. I do not have that policy. I don't make decisions for my patients, I only counsel them thoroughly and let them decide what they want to do. In your case, I would encourage you to try with your own eggs as long as the ovaries can be stimulated. If the ovaries don't stimulate well, then your alternative would be donor eggs, but I would recommend you give it the best try that you can. Make sure you choose an IVF clinic that has good pregnancy rates. You don't want to waste your eggs.


Edward J. Ramirez, M.D., FACOGExecutive Medical DirectorThe Fertility and Gynecology CenterMonterey Bay IVF Program

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